Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony


On July 21, 2001, the Village of Silver Lake was presented the Historical Marker by the Ohio State Historical Society marking 200 years of history, Ohio Bicentennial 1803 - 2003. The "Dedication Ceremony" was held by the Silver Lake Historical Society on Christmas Tree Island, or Christmas Tree Point, former entrance to the Silver Lake Amusement Park, in conjunction with the Silver Lake Garden Club Festival.

The day was beautiful, but very warm, but that did not stop the residents from attending the Festival and Dedication. This Event is held at the Silver Lake Park Estates, at the boathouse, which was formerly the Dance Pavilion in 1876 when the area was called The Silver Lake Amusement Park.

At 1:30 p.m. the Historical Marker Dedication was held. The Silver Lake Park Board and The Silver Lake Garden Club, with the help of the Silver Lake Service Director and crew, prepared the area into a beautiful garden be fitting such a majestic Marker.

Candice Bergsneider, Treasurer of the Silver Lake Historical Society, who spent over a year and gave many hours of her time to research the historical history, then presented her findings to the Ohio State Historical Society, gave the Dedication Speech

The residents of the Village of Silver Lake, give our sincere appreciation to Candice and members of the Silver Lake Historical Society for this Honor bestowed upon our wonderful Village.

TheDedication Speech and photographs of the Historical Marker have been included on this Web Site. July 21, 2001 has now become another link into our history.

The Marker reads as follows: "Silver Lake was previously known as Wetmore's Pond, named for Judge William Wetmore, and agent for the Connecticut Land Company. In 1808, Wetmore built a cabin overlooking the spring-fed lake, which was then a part of Portage County. Local lore records his friendship and conscientious dealings with the Native Americans, likely Seneca, who inhabited a populous village between the lake and the Cuyahoga River. The tribe left the area to join the British during the War of 1812, but later sided with the United States."

The reverse side of the marker reads, "Silver Lake Amusement Park: Cleveland businessman Ralph H. Lodge opened Silver Lake Amusement Park on this site in 1875. A popular regional resort easily accessible by rail. Silver Lake featured boating, swimming, and a large pavilion with a 15,000 square-foot dance floor. Other attractions included a freshwater aquarium, an airfield, and a "Chautauqua Park" that featured prominent speakers. The Lodges successfully bred and raised black bears, a rare feat documented by the Smithsonian Institution in 1903. The Lodge family sold the park after World War I curtailed train visits. The Village of Silver Lake incorporated on this site in 1918."

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