Village of Silver Lake, Ohio
Past and Present


Composite Photo by Dee,
Lily Pads on Silver Lake
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About Silver Lake, circa 1874-1914
Dedication Ceremony, July 21, 2001
Silver Lake Amusement Park
Photo Gallery, circa 1905
Photo_Gallery II
Photo_Gallery III
Photo Gallery IV
Silver Lake Airport
Ralph Hugh Lodge - 1880 George H. Lodge Grocery Store Photo.
William Ralph Lodge
George Henry Lodge
George F. Lodge Collection
Joshua Stow
William Wetmore
Steamboats, circa 1900
Miniature Railroad, circa 1902
Lodge Miniature Engine
Willisle Island
Toboggan Slide
Patrick and Topsy, Black Bears
Silver Lake Elementary School, circa 1925
Mae, Former Resident, circa 1938
Incorporation of Silver Lake
Silver Lake Photos
Beautiful Silver Lake
Evening Shadows
Photo Genealogy
Ralph Hugh Lodge, Jr. Obituary
Oliver Ellsworth Lodge, Obituary
Slide Show
Interesting Links
Gary Kinsey Collection
Indians of Ohio, The Western Reserve and Cuyahoga River
Letter to Dasiy (Ralph H. Lodge - France, 1918)
Silver Lake Country Club , Past and Present
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