Incorporation of The Village of Silver Lake


On July 1, 1917, $10,000.00 was paid by the Silver Lake Improvement Company for an option to purchase the Silver Lake Park property from the Silver Lake Park Co., owners the Lodge Family.

By September the sale conditions had advanced so that there was assurance the deal for the sale was soon to be consummated

Village boundaries were laid out as to take more than 16 parcels in Stow Township 10 lots together with several adjoining farms. The west line of the right of way of the C.A. & C railway, division of the Pennsylvania Lines as West boundary for a distance of about 1 1/2 miles, the North Line of the property and Roose’s farm (lots 42 and 43 Stow Twp.) , and the center of Graham Road as the north Boundary. The East lines of lots 34,24,14 became the east line of the village and the center of the Cuyahoga River as the South, and Cuyahoga Falls cornered with about a half mile of frontage became the south west boundary. This area took in approximately one thousand acres, and about on mile wide by two miles long at its greatest length, and somewhat the shape of Stow Twp. of which Silver Lake Park comprised considerably more than half.

Upon checking the population and the qualified electors of the area it was certain that a petition to the County Commissioners would not receive favorable action. There were not enough electors (freeholders)to grant a petition. More land was necessary and upon speaking with Mr. Wetmore he stated he was willing to sell seven acres of celery muck east of the railroad surrounded on three sides by Hart farm land (now the country Club), and it sold for $300.00 per acre. The deal was consummated and 18 more deeds were made and plenty of freeholders, selling at the same price of $300.00 per acre, made up the required amount of qualified electors

Eight legal notices were required, announcing the election and were posted in the most prominent public places within the proposed village area. Copies were served to the Akron Beacon Journal. Right After the first notice was posted, William attended the Falls Bank Directors meeting, the late Tom Murphy, who was an active member of the Cuyahoga Falls Council told William Lodge that they were going to take Silver Lake and the corner of Stow, up as far as the Hudson and Graham Roads into the Falls as they needed the lake for the water and the second reading of this Resolution passed granting the election. This was Monday September 17, 1917.

William Lodge immediately called George Dunn and Fred Smith together with Murphy, were also on the bank board and were members of the Falls Council, into conference and told them that they had better hold the matter of annexation of Silver Lake up a few weeks until the deal with the Cleveland company for Silver Lake was consumated for if the Falls were going to take Silver Lake in, it might queer the deal they had on with them and the Silver Lake Park Co. would not be able to pay the large indebtedness the was owed the bank for some time. They agreed and held the reading off.

The election was conducted by the Stow Trustees in the north west corner office of the big pavilion on Friday, September 28, 1917 and resulted in 30 votes for incorporation and 9 votes against. In due course Silver Lake was granted their Charter, and on Monday, March 11, 1918 the first real village election was held in the Gaylord Inn. William R. Lodge was elected Mayor, E.A. Tewksbury, Clerk; Edward Hanna, Treasurer; and six councilmen, Howard D. Roose, Arthur Moore, Walter Somers, Clifford Erwin, L.B. Lodge and Isaiah J. Harris. After the village was formed the meetings were held in September, 1918, in the old Lodge homestead converted into a school-house. The Homestead school-house continued to be used until 1927 when the new village school building was built (Millboro and Bellaire Rd) until 1939.

Information obtained from the manuscript entitled "An Historical Anthology of Silver Lake by William R. Lodge."

Clarence A. Kelley was Mayor in 1953 when the initial plans for the present Village Hall were presented. It was complete in 1954 by Albert & Oldham and dedicated on January 28, 1955.
Plaque located inside of Village Hall.

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