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Baseball scene, about 1895, shows action at first base as the runner is thrown out. The umpire in right center is calling the play. In the background can be seen the two roller coaster, on the left the "Figure-Eight" and on the right the "Racer".

"Step right up, folks, and try your luck!" This "fish-pond was operated by Pressey Bothers and was on of the stands on the Midway in Silver Lake Park.

Peanut stand and soda fountain with, from left to right, George Lodge, Milan Parks, and John B. Kittelberger. Mr. Kittelberger, as of 1963, was still living in Akron on Rose Boulevard. Notice the flambeau kerosene lantern on the tree, a source of light in the early days. NOTE: To view large photo clear, place cursor on photo and click on yellow button to enlarge even more.

The early bear pits were located on the shore of the Lake near where the one-way entrance becomes Silver Lake Boulevard. In July, 1888, the first black bears were brought to Silver Lake from the north shore of Lake Superior. A total of 78 bear cubs were raised here, the first black bears to be raised in captivity in America. More information see "Patrick and Topsy".

The Aquarium, built in 1907, the first in Ohio, was copied after the one located in Battery Park, New York. The site can be located today along the lake just South of the parking lot at the boathouse. It was 52 feet in diameter and contained twelve large tanks fronted with one-inch-thich glass. The Panther Cage (Mountain Lion) was located next to the Aquarium.

Another view of the Aquarium, Menagerie Cages and a Log Cabin.

The miniature railroad proved to be a splendid attraction. The first locomotive was not particulary durable so George Lodge and Frank Jones built another and then two more strong enough to last. Extensions, tunnels and bridges were also added for excitement. The most serious damage came from having to pay for new hats and dresses, burned by sparks or soiled by smoke from the engines..! For more information read page "Miniature Railroad".

A ride on the Miniature Railway around Silver Lake was the most popular event of the Park.

Miniature Railway postmarked 1908

Along the Miniature Railway between Silver Lake and Chautauqua Park

In 1888, Lodge installed the newly patented jumping ride on a platform set out over the lake called the Rockaway. It was the first of its kind in this part of the country. CLICK on photo to enlarge.

The Rockaway Ride bounces up and down on land or water.

The Diving Platform was located North of the Dance Pavilion.

Wooden pilings, used for docks, were chopped out of white oak logs, inserted into a hole in the ice and twisted into the lake bottom, like a wood-screw, by means of a horse tied to a log boom.

During the demolition of the old swim dock, year 2002, an auger piling used to construct the original swim dock "circa 1875 to 1918" was found. These heavy duty pilings were hand cut into the shape of an auger and then installed with the aid of a horse.

Diving Platform "circa 1875"

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