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The latest styles in men's bathing suits as worn in the 1890's. The man, second from the right , is Louis B. Lodge, son of Ralph H. Lodge, founder of the Park and the only one living (1965) of the Lodge children.

View of the center of the Park in the late fall. Two park workmen are hauling dirt in the wagon drawn by the team of oxen. The water fountain in the center of the picture was located where the path to the present bathhouse leaves Silver Lake Boulevard.

This bathhouse was originally a dance pavilion located in Randolph Park on Crystal Lake. Moved in the winter of 1903 across heavy ice on Silver Lake, it was re-located on the shore just northwest of the present swimming area. It had 250 dressing rooms and the upper floor dance hall was later made into the first roller rink in Summit County.

The first dance hall and lunch counter, built in 1877, on the present bathhouse. Later, in 1898, it was moved back from the Lake shore to make room for the new larger dance pavilion.

Silver Lake Hotel, located opposite the present boathouse. Picnic tables can be seen on the ground floor and the dance pavilion in the distance on the right. The Hotel charged $1.50 to $2.00 per day for room and board.

Pavilion, Photo taken about 1905

The Dance Pavilion was built in 1898, contained the largest dance hall in the U.S. without interior supporting colums. Outside dimsions, ninety feet wide by two hundred thirty six feet long. A balcony went completely around the second floor level (8 times around made a mile).

Silver Lake Band at the Dance Pavilion.

The dance Pavilion was located at site of present boat house--both built on same foundation stones.

View of Silver Lake and Pavilion from Graham Road.

Post Card Back. Printed in Holland, Early cards were printed in Germany.

Corner of Amusement Park with Pony Track.

New Public Dining Hall

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