George F. Lodge Collection


John D. Lodge, Great-grandson of of Ralph H. Lodge, founder of Silver Lake Park, Grandson of Louis B. Lodge and Son of George Fredrick and Ruth (Mason) Lodge. Upon the passing of George F. , Ruth married Robert Greeley and they lived in Akron's Firestone Park. Her Parents were Blanche and John Mason. Blanche was a descendant of John Chapman, aka.Johnny Appleseed.

John D. Lodge's brother George Thomas Lodge, who lives in Denver, CO, was named after their Uncle George Henry who was there grandfather's , Louis B., closest brother and married to Florence Call of the Call Farm Family of Stow, Ohio.

Ruth Mason Lodge Greeley has traced the Lodge family history to the 12th Century when they came to England from Normandy,France. The name was originally DeLogis or DiLogis (unknown when it was changed at this time.) They were Quakers and came to England with William the Conqueror and then to America in the 1680's with William Penn. They were issued a land grant and settled across from Philadelphia in Thorofare N.J. on a plat on the Delaware River.

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PRIVATE COLLECTION: Ralph Lodge Family from Top L-R: William R. 21 yrs, Lillian P. 23 yrs. George H. 20 yrs, Evelyn Daisy 16 yrs, Louis B. 18 yrs., Edward Ballard 25 yrs. Seated L-R Mabel 13 yrs., Father Ralph H. Sr. 65 yrs., Ralph H. Jr. 1 Yr., Laura C. 10 yrs., Mother Julia Plum 48 yrs.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: GRANDCHILDREN: L-R:Patricia Crisp, Roger Wolcott, George Lodge, Henry Wolcott, Jane Shackford, Oliver Lodge, Dorothy Lodge, Ballard Shackford, Duncan Woldott, Marcella Hagelberger, Wm. Irvin, Louise Hagelbarger, Ballard Townshead Lodge, John Wolcott , Edward Lodge, Wm. Ellsworth "Bud" Lodge.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 1900, George H. Lodge

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 1905 Ralph H. Lodge and William Ellsworth, 6 months.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 1902 Evelyn Daisy Anna Arabella Lodge. (Susquehanna Lodge)

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 1906 William Lodge and William Lodge Jr. 1 year, 6 months.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Dr.Edward Ballard Lodge was a prominent dentist and lived in Cleveland Heights. John D. Rockfeller was one of his patients. Edward invented several dental apperatus. In this photo he is about 20 years old.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Dr. Edward Ballard Lodge during WW1

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 1915, Martha Townsend and son Edward Ballard.

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