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Willisle Island is man-made. It was built in 1905 as part of Silver Lake Amusement Park. The old Peanut Stand can be seen on the island.
Orignal Postcard

There was no bathhouse on the lake when the land was purchased. In 1846 Ralph Lodge and his father would swim as they were building the Edward Thorndyke home. This was known for many years as the Gaylord place and later the Gaylord Inn and later as the Village Tavern. Proprietor's were Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Eckroad. It stood were the Church in Silver Lake is today. The Inn or Tavern, as you prefer to call it, was moved to the end of Church Street where the Van Sise family live today.
by Silver Lake Historical Society, circa 1905
In 1889 the new bath-house was built and extended about sixty feet on the lake front and built over the water with a four foot porch. It contained 22 rooms. Center hall divided the lower floor, mens dressing room on one side and ladies dressing room on the other. Top floor was for sleeping and a suit drying room. Later years the Miniature train tracks were changed from in front of the bath-house when a tunnel was built under it.
Original copy
of Miniature Train, circa 1905

Miniature Train carried visitors around the lake. It took several seasons to find the best route for the train to run through the park for enjoyment of the visitors. Some train tracks are still intact today. circa 1905
Original copy
circa 1905

As many as 10,000 people a day traveled to the park. They came by train and some stayed at the hotel or in tents. Later, summer homes were built by families who visited from all over the United States.
Courtesy of the
Silver Lake Historical Society, circa 1900

Toboggan Slide was built in 1890-1891. Snow toboggans were used to sit in and slide down the chute. The idea of the Toboggan Slide was made after the Lodges had seen one similar at Cedar Point, Toledo, Ohio. More information click on above.

The old bath-house was the only building on the property when the land was purchased in 1874. It stood close to the water northwest of the diving table. The two rooms were about eight by ten feet, a hewn timber frame covered with rough, weather beaten barn boards. The south room was used by the men and the north room was for the ladies. This was used for about 10 years. circa 1874. This bath house was the third one built in 1889 by Ralph Lodge.
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