Photo Gallery IV


Camping Party at Elm Cottage, one of over thirty Log Cabins used during the summer. circa 1900

Family camping at one of the Log Cabins during the summer, circa 1900 - Published by Akron Beacon Journal Oct 14, 1979. Courtesy of Myrtle Ross Silver Lake Resident

Another Camping Scene. Card post dated 1915. Click image to enlarge.

Camping party. Click image to enlarge.

Silver Lake Cottages that many people from all over the country would rent for the Summer and enjoy the Park. CLICK on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Joe Cannon

More Silver Lake Cottages for Rent. Click on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Joe Cannon

Young ladies swimming in wool bathing suits. The steamer Silver Queen can be seen at dock. circa 1900

The fashionable young man around the turn of the century circa 1900. The man, second from the right, is Louis B. Lodge, son of Ralph H. Lodge, founder of the Park. Published in the Akron Beacon Journal on October 14, 1979. Courtesy of Myrtle Ross Silver Lake Resident.

circa 1900. Campers Enjoying Bathing near Pavillion south end of lake. Courtesy of Unknown Donor.

Evening Pleasure, a wonderful day at Silver Lake Park, resting and watching the sun set on Silver Lake as the Miniature Train makes it's rounds.

Birds Eye View of Silver Lake and Crystal Lake. Silver Lake School in lower right corner.
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