Photo Genealogy

This section "Photo Genealogy" is a collection of photographs that will give you a look and a little history of the Ralph Hugh Lodge family. With the help of Joe Cannon, a former resident of Silver Lake Village,whose specialty is Genealogy I have tried to put a little of the history together in a different way. I do hope you will enjoy it. To read more about Ralph H. Lodge's Family Tree , please go to Genealogist Joe Cannonís Web Site. PLUM/LODGE

Ralph Hugh Lodge was born on August 3, 1830 in Munroe Falls, Ohio and died on May 22, 1907 in Silver Lake, Ohio. He was the eldest son of George Horner (decendent of England) and Rebecca Smith Lodge. Ralph married Julia Plum Lodge on April 7, 1869 and they had ten children. Julia died on August 23, 1911.

Early photograph of Julia Anna Plum Lodge and daughter Julia Rose Lodge. Julia Rose Lodge died at the age of 6 years.

Julia Rose Lodge age 3-1/2 years.

Obituary - Click Miscellaneous Obituaries

Edward Ballard Lodge, 5 months old.

Son of Ralph and Julia Lodge, born January 7, 1870, died on February 16, 1954.

Edward Ballard Lodge 5 years old

Edward Ballard became a Dentist in Cleveland Ohio. Edward lived until he was 84 years old. Obituary - Click Miscellaneous Obituaries

Lillian Lodge Hagelbarger

Lillian lived at 2960 Kent Rd with her husband Henry Hagelbarger, and was the daughter of Ralph and Julia Plum Lodge. Their home is still located on Kent Rd - Lot 1 of the Estates. Obituary - Click Miscellaneous Obituaries

Evelyn Anna (Daisy) Lodge Wolcott and first son John

Daisy was married to Duncan Brewster Wolcott, Sr. They had four sons. John; Duncan; Roger; and Henry who still lives in Rootstown Oh.

Evelyn Anna (Daisy) Lodge Wolcott

Daisy in her famous Lilac Garden in Kent OH. Daisy,s Granddaughter, Sally Ann Wolcott Myers, resides with her husband in Kent, Oh to this present day. Sally is the daughter of John Lodge Wolcott. For more information ClickDaisy

Henry Plum

Henry Plum married Nancy Newell North Plum - 1835. Henry was the father of Julia Anna Plum Lodge. Obituary: ClickMiscellaneous Obituaries

Nancy Newell North Plum

Nancy Plum married Henry Plum in 1835. She was the mother of Julia Anna Plum Lodge. Nancy was the daughter of Selah and Anna Newell North and sister of Julia North Gaylord. Obituary. Click Miscellaneous Obituaries

Lucy Anna Plum Lodge

Lucy was the daughter of Henry Plum and Nancy Newell North Plum. She was born on May 26, 1842 and pass away in 1918. Lucy gave this picture to her parents in 1800.

Rosa North Plum Hale

Rosa was the daughter of Henry and Nancy Newell North Plum. She was born on August 14, 1855 and passed away on March 21, 1926. She was married to Fredrick Rudolph Hale.

Carrie Anna Plum

Carrie Anna Plum was the daughter of Henry and Nancy Newell North Plum. She was born December 15, 1859 and pass away on July 15, 1874. She died at the age of 15.

Col. William Rattle Plum

Col William Rattle Plum was the son of Henry and Nancy Newell North Plum. He was born on March 24, 1845 and passed away on April 28, 1927. Col.Plum was a lawyer, traveler, author and horticulturist. He served during the Civil War in the U.S. Military Tel. Corp. Married to Helen M. Williams. He died at age 82.

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