Silver Lake Photos

In viewing many of the photographs it is not possible to state the year they were taken or who the photographer was. I have tried to show you any that I was privileged to and hope you will enjoy them as I have. Please do not download any photograph that shows a photographer's name without my permission. CLICK on any of the photos and it will enlarge them and/or state who the photographer was. Click on Back Arrow on Task Bar to return to page.

Silver Lake Blvd looking North lots 68,69,70,214. Home on Lot 68 was demolished and a new home now standing across from Silver Lake Park.

Looking South on Silver Lake Blvd. Tower of Dance Pavilion. Silver Lake on left of picture. Lots 68,69, and 70 are on the right side.

Home of Lillian Lodge Hagelbarger located at 2961 Kent Rd, Lot 1,. In their last years , Julia Anna Lodge, William R. Lodge and son Oliver E. Lodge, and Lillian's brother Louis Lodge lived with her. The home is still located and occupied. It is located by the wooden bridge where the Pumping Station is located.

Duncan Wolcott's home is located at the corner of Kingston Circle and Silver Lake Blvd.The home was built in 1928. Lot 350.

Entrance to Silver Lake Park on Kent Road,State Route 59.

Present day entrance to Silver Lake Village Kent Road, State Route 59 which was also known , even in 1957, as Route 5.

Dance and dining Pavilion on Silver Lake Blvd.

Boathouse stands where the Pavilion was and is built on the old pylons of the Pavilion.

Diving table early 20th century. North of Pavilion.

Present day diving table, using the same poles as early table and located North of Boathouse.

courtesy of dbly, portraits-etc

Silver Lake Village Hall was built in 1954. Council Meetings were held at the Church in Silver Lake until 1954. Hall is located on Kent Road, Rt. 59

courtesy of dbly, portraits-etc

Church in Silver lake. Located on Kent Road, Rt.59 next to Village Hall. The Church was founded in 1946 and is active today.

Dover Island looking North at Dover and Highland Road.

Island east of Harriett Road near Kingston Blvd. and South of Highland Drive.

The entrance on Kent Rd.(RT 59), North End of Main Island, in 1935 the Silver Lake Garden Club planted a Pine Tree in memory of Henry Hagelbarger, husband of Lillian Lodge. After the Pine Tree failed, it was removed (date unknown). On Arbor Day 2007 the spot was prepared and the Original Plaque of 1935 (see opposite photo) was discovered and is seated with the new tree a European Birch.

Original 1935 Plaque found when new area was being prepared for the new tree in memory of Henry Hagelbarger. Click on picture to enlarge to read.

Estate's Office. Entrance on Silver Lake Blvd. Route 59.
Looking North On Silver Lake Blvd.

By Estates Beach

The above picture postcard is the S.L. Country Club (1930's) when it was located on Silver Lake Blvd between Silver Lake and Crystal Lake. The Clubhouse backed up to Crystal Lake and faced Silver Lake Blvd.

The present Silver Lake Country Club was incorporated in 1957 and is now serving a large segment of the community's recreational and social needs. It is now located on Graham Rd across from Crystal Lake.
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