Silver Lake Country Club



In 1921 to 1944 the original Silver Lake Country Club had a 3 hole golf course around Crystal Lake and another 15 holes across Graham Road (present day golf course) and the clubhouse was located on the East Bank of Crystal Lake on Lot #1, 3052 Silver Lake Blvd. The Clubhouse was destroyed by fire in the Summer of 1944.


In October of1957 Crystal Park Corporation, a group of mainly Silver Lake residents, purchased the land that contained Crystal Lake and the land north of Graham Road. It was decided that it would best serve the community to have the golf course as a seperate operation, a private club leasing the land from Crystal Lake. The new SLCC was incorporated as a non-profit corporation.

In 1958 , a gentleman named Brent Wadsworth was awarded the contract to construct the Silver Lake Country Club golf course. Along with golf course architect Larry Packard, spent a week exploring and surveying the land to determine whether a course could be constructed to fit on the 120 acres available. The original incorporators were Carl F. Brandfass, Jr., Phillip F. Lucco, Emmett P. Monroe, and Francis L. Schlosser, with Albert H. Oldham serving as the incorporating attorney. The charter was turned over to the Board of Trustee at the first annual meeting held in January, 1958.

Brent Wadsdworth moved his family into the small house that remained on the property. (This is now the site of the current driving range.) He worked very closely with the Lucco Company, when construction began in June of 1958. A nine hole course opened for play on June 20, 1959 using the present 2nd hole as the #1 hole. The small house that the Wadsworths family was living in was converted into a temporary clubhouse. Golfers were then shuttled to the first tee at the top of the hill in an old Buick station wagon.

In October of 1959 construction of the present Clubhouse was started with Kieth Haag as the architect. On December 10, 1960 the Grand Opening Ball was held in the new clubhouse. Click on photo of Groundbreaking. Left to right are: Bedden Scherer, Phil Lucco, Fran Schlosser, Carl Brandfass, Keith Haag and Emmett Monroe. FRONT ROW: Carl Shoaf (with shovel) Lou Meletti (clubhouse builder). In 1966 the swimming pool was added.

Information Courtesy of Emmett Monroe and Silver Lake Country Club.

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